What is dFile?

dFile stands for direct File. Have a file you want to save? This is a very simple solution to share large files for free online, via a direct link. No Login/Account required. Just Upload Lol.
You can upload as much as you want with a maximum file size of 5GB per file.

How long will you host my file?

This depends. Don't see this as a safe place to host your family pics, if you want them stored forever. If your file uses alot and frequent bandwidth then it will be hosted for alot longer, maybe even forever. But usually about 1-2 Months without access.

What content is allowed?

Anything that you are legally allowed to upload in Germany (EU). This restricts content such as:
-Illegal files (e. g. child pornography or terrorist videos)
-Copyright protected files (that you don't have the rights to)
-Files that disregard the rights of others.

Do you keep logs of uploaded content?

Yes, it is the only way we can prevent abuse.

Can you remove [this] content?

Yes, if you have a valid reason for your request please send it to: [email protected]

What Software/Technology do you use?

Our backend is build on a huge CDN system. For more detail about that feel free to contact us.

I love your Service, how do I donate?

Currently, we are not accepting any donations. We don't want to feel obligated to run this service. We still need to test alot of features and some aspects are still unstable. So thats why we can't garuntee uptime. We will setup donations in the future if we need to scale, if there is interest.

I have a question...

Send us an email at [email protected] And let's chat!